Katarina of Saxony-Lauenburg, Queen of Sweden, as depicted on her tomb in Uppsala Cathedral.

Queen Katarina

Katarina was the daughter of Duke Magnus I of Saxony–Lauenburg and Katarina of Braunschweig–Wolfenbüttel. Gustav Vasa married Katarina in Stockholm in 1531, following lengthy negotiations.

After more than a year in Sweden, she became pregnant and gave birth to their son Erik (XIV). The idea that the marriage was unhappy, and that Katarina was unpredictable and melancholic, comes from the negative propaganda against Erik XIV that circulated after his removal from power.

Katarina of Saxony-Lauenburg, as depicted on her tomb in Uppsala Cathedral. The Queen is buried there together with her husband Gustav Vasa and his second wife Margareta Leijonhufvud.

Katarina of Saxony-Lauenburg 

Born 24 September 1513, died 23 September 1535
Queen 1531–1535


1531 Stockholm Cathedral


1535 Stockholm Cathedral
1560 Uppsala Cathedral


Margareta Eriksdotter Leijonhufvud


Gustav Vasa


Erik (1533–1577), King of Sweden 1560–1568

Katarina of Saxony-Lauenburg