Accessibility, the Royal Apartments

There is a lift at the West Gate up to the Bernadotte Apartments and the State Apartments. Please ask ticket desk staff at the West Gate for assistance with the lift. The lift is intended for four people or a maximum weight of 320 kg. The lift has room for a manual wheelchair and an assistant. The door opening is approximately 75 cm wide. The internal dimensions of the lift are 95 x 131 cm.

There are 101 steps from the West Gate to the State Apartments. There is a handrail, but not on the landing.

There are three steps from the State Apartments to the staircase, with no handrail. There are three steps from the staircase to the Guest Apartments, with no handrail. There are 80 cm ramps.

There are five steps from the Bernadotte Apartments to the staircase, with no handrail. There is no ramp.

There are five steps from the staircase to the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, with no handrail. There is no ramp.

There is a steep staircase with 28 steps from the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry to the Hall of State. There is a handrail, but no ramp.

Disabled toilets are available in the wing of the Outer Courtyard signed "Biljetter & Information" and at the Tre Kronor Museum.

Disabled parking is available at various locations around the palace. Contact the City of Stockholm for details. External link, opens in new window.

Assistance/guide dogs are welcome.

Guides/assistants. Free entry for guides/assistants for visitors with disabilities.

Other information. For more details about accessibility, please contact us using the form under Contact us.

Alternatively, call +46 (0)8 402 61 00, weekdays 09:00-12:00.

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