Royal Djurgården / National City Park


The Royal Djurgården Administration put the area Royal Djurgården, Haga Park, Brunnsviken, Ulriksdal and the Fjäderholm Ilands at the disposal for sports and culture events.

Events 2022

The program is continually updated. The information provided might be subject to changes.

Södra (South) Djurgården and Gärdet:

26 Nov 2021–6 Feb 2022, Ice adventure, open air adventure ice rink near Sjöhistoriska museet:
Before the visit - External link.
29 Jan Winterrun, External link.
23 April Kulturnatt Stockholm, External link.
23 April Adidas Premiärhalvan, External link.
5 May Spring för Livet, External link.
5–8 May Cirkus Brazil Jack, External link.
7 May VW-Picknick External link.
6–15 May, Stockholms Bästa, External link.
17 May–6 October: Exhibition 'Park benches over the years at Hazeliusporten
22 May Agrias Hundpromenad, External link.
20–22 May Outdoor Festival Sthlm, External link.
27–29 May Skärgårdsmässan, External link.
29 May Veterandagen, External link.
2 June Run for Pride, External link.
4 June Stockholm Marathon External link.
5 June Prins Bertil Memorial – Gärdesloppet, External link.
June–Aug Parkteatern, External link.
6 June Nationaldagsgaloppen, External link.
8–11 June Rosendal Garden party, External link.
12 June Simple Minds. External link.
14–15 June Blodomloppet External link.
1–3 July Lollapalooza Stockholm, External link, opens in new window.
14 Aug STHLM Urban Trail, External link.
14 Aug ”Filharmonikerna i det gröna, External link.
17–27 Aug Rosendal Sessions External link.
27 Aug Tough Viking, External link.
31 Aug–3 sept Drakbåtskampen, External link.
3 Sept Tjejmilen, External link.
4 Sept Stockholmbike, External link.
7–10 Sept Drakbåtskampen, External link.
7–10 Sept Oktoberfest på Gärdet, External link.
11 Sept Hundlöpet, External link.
1 Oct Mental Health Run, External link.

Norra (North) Djurgården:

26 March Premiärmilen, External link.
3 May Run With Your dog, External link.
7 May Tough Viking External link.
8 May Tough Viking Kids, External link.
12 May Fiskartorpet GP, External link.
14 May STHLM Trail Run External link.
15 May Stadiongirot External link.
23–24 May Vårruset External link.
5 June Stockholm Mini Marathon, External link.
14 June Vuelta Laduviken, External link.
17–19 June Global Champions Tour - Stadion, External link.
18 June Ecotrail Stockholm. External link.
19 June, Royal Park Triathlon, External link.
30 June Bauhaus Galan på Stadion, External link.
1–2 July Hights Festival External link.
24–25 Aug Convini Stafetten External link.
26–27 Aug Popaganda External link.
1–3 Sept Nordic Artisan Food Awards & Terra Madre Nordic 2022 External link.
4 Sept Sthml Bike, External link.
5 Nov Höstrusket External link.

Haga Park:
6 June National Day celebrations with The Royal Swedish Opera

Ulriksdal Palace Park:
30 April Walpurgis Night celbration, External link.

Top image: Prince Bertil Memorial – the yearly classic car event takes place in May at Djurgården, photo by Annika Forslund, KAK/The Royal Automobile Club.

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The Royal Djurgården Administration put the area Royal Djurgården, Haga Park, Brunnsviken, Ulriksdal and the Fjäderholm Ilands at the dis...

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