King Sigismund

King Sigismund

In 1587, Sigismund was crowned king of Poland. He also became king of Sweden in 1592. He mainly ruled Sweden from Poland.

As king of Sweden, he worked to strengthen his position and that of Catholicism in the country. This earned him several enemies, including Karl (IX). In March 1593, the Uppsala Synod established Sweden as a Protestant country. Civil war broke out in 1597, and a year later Sigismund was defeated at the Battle of Stångebro. He was deposed in 1599.

In 1592, Sigismund married Anna of Styria (Austria). Their children included Władysław (IV) of Poland. After Anna's death, Sigismund married her sister Konstantia of Styria in 1606.

Portrait of King Sigismund. Unknown artist. The painting hangs in the Audience Chamber at Gripsholm Castle, and is part of the Swedish State Portrait Collection. Photo: Nationalmuseum


Born 20 June 1566, died 19 April 1632
Reign 1592–1599

Royal Motto

For justice and the people


1594 Uppsala Cathedral


1633 Wawel Cathedral, Kraków, Poland


Johan III


Karl IX


Anna of Austria


Anna Maria (1593–1600)
Katarina (1594–1594)
Vladislav (1595–1648), King of Poland
Katarina (1596–1597)
Kristoffer (1598–1598)

The Vasa dynasty