Maria Eleonora of Brandenbrug, Queen  of Sweden

Queen Maria Eleonora

Maria was the daughter of Johan Sigismund of Brandenburg and Anna of Prussia. Gustav II Adolf travelled as a suitor to visit Maria Eleonora in Berlin. Although her brother – the Elector of Brandenburg – opposed the plans, they were married.

Of their four children, only one – the future Queen Kristina – survived to adulthood. After her husband's death, Maria Eleonora was deeply depressed for a long time. Her relationship with the regency government and Axel Oxenstierna was marked by contradictions.

The dowager queen's last official appearance was at the wedding of Karl X Gustav and Hedvig Eleonora.

Queen Maria Eleonora. Painting by the Dutch artist Michiel Jansz. van Mierevelt (1567–1641). Photo: Nationalmuseum

Maria Eleonora OF Brandenburg

Born 11 November 1599, died 18 March 1655
Queen 1620–1632*


1620 Stockholm Cathedral


1655 Riddarholmen Church


Kristina av Holstein-Gottorp


Hedvig Eleonora


Gustav II Adolf


Stillborn daughter (1621)
Kristina (1623–1624)
Stillborn son (1625)
Kristina (1626–1689), Queen of Sweden 1632–1654

*Years refer to time as queen, not as dowager queen.

Maria Eleonora