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Queen Lovisa's coronation cloak

Historically, Sweden's queens were crowned alongside their husbands. They have therefore also worn a cloak and received regalia – a crown, orb and sceptre for a queen.

This cloak was made for Queen Lovisa, who was crowned together with her husband King Karl XV in 1860. The same cloak was also worn by Queen Sofia. King Oskar II and Queen Sofia's coronation on 12 May 1873 was the last to take place in Sweden.

Placing the cloak was an important part of the ceremony – it was only once the king and queen had their cloaks on their shoulders that they received the other regalia.

The regalia, the baptismal font and the coronation cloak can be seen in the Treasury at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

Material: Red silk velvet, lined with white taffeta. The trim and collar are made of ermine. The crowns on the cloak are embroidered in gold, silver and silk thread.

Year: 1873