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King Karl X Gustav's Crown of the Heir Apparent

King Karl X Gustav's reign was short and characterised by war. He was an energetic risk-taker and a talented military commander, and was quick to head off to battle as king. However, the Swedish army's successes in Poland could never be used to political advantage. King Karl X Gustav got stuck in the Polish mud.

The hat of the heir apparent was intended to serve as a reminder of his relationship to the House of Vasa. The crown is threaded onto the hat. King Gustaf V was the last to wear the crown.

The crown can be seen at the Treasury at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, and the hat can be seen at the Royal Armoury.

Made by: Jürgen Dargeman.

Material: Gold set with pearls, diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The hat is made of velvet with gold and silver embroidery and an ermine trim.

Year: 1650