Carl Hårleman 1700–1753

Carl Hårleman assisted Nicodemus Tessin the Younger in the work on the Royal Palace, and took over after Tessin's death. He was faithful to Tessin the Younger's façades, but the Rococo style found its way into the interiors.

Hårleman led major changes at Drottningholm Palace, where the wings facing the corner pavilions were extended by a storey. The new rooms were furnished as museum rooms in collaboration with Jean-Eric Rehn.

Hårleman was commissioned to rebuild parts of the many castle buildings that had been burnt down during Russian raids in 1719. He also designed new castles and manor houses, and drew up plans for smaller officers' residences. Hårleman had a significant influence on the design of 18th-century Swedish churches, which often had lantern-crowned cupolas as they were thought to reduce the risk of lightning strikes.

Carl Hårleman's sketch for the short walls in the Queen's Gallery (the Bernadotte Gallery).

Carl Hårleman

Portrait of Carl Hårleman by Olof Arenius.

Palace architect
Carl Hårleman

Famous works
Director of construction for Stockholm Palace
Renovation of Strömsholm Palace
The wings at Drottningholm
The observatory in Stockholm
The Riksbanken building on Skeppsbron