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Nobel Banquet 1986

Evening gown of violet silk taffeta. The overskirt in leaf-formed overlapping panels bordered with crystals and glass beads. The beautiful boat-neck is sprinkled with crystals.

Design: Jørgen Bender, Copenhagen


The Queen is wearing a parure of diamonds and amethysts, which belonged to Queen Josefina, for the first time at a Nobel Banquet. The tiara was originally a necklace now mounted on a silver frame for the head. The parure also includes earrings with diamonds and amethysts, a diamond necklace with amethysts and a large pendant (actually two bracelets), and a brooch and a pendant that have been joined together as well as a diamond brooch with amethysts.

nobel gowns

Year 2006 marked 30 years since Silvia Sommerlath became Queen of Sweden. It was, among other events, celebrated with an exhibition featuring the evening gowns worn by The Queen to the Nobel Banquets 1976–2006.

The texts and images in this archive are from the exhibition catalogue from 2006: Our Queen – dressed for a Nobel Banquet.

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